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    Talks With Sheba

    Source: Dr. Sheba Holly / Radio One

    The Talks with Sheba Radio Show aims to Invite, Excite, Educate and Empower! IE3!

    Hi, I’m your host Dr. Sheba Holly. Thank you for taking your first step towards greatness! Have you ever been afraid to ask a question due to not wanting to seem like an outcast? Well, I have! Sometimes we go through life “Not knowing what we don’t know” and receive the information needed too late. This tends to lead to tremendous setbacks. Join me to learn from REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL ANSWERS!

    The Talks with Sheba Radio Show dares to take the bold stance of evoking every man, woman and child with the desire to actively seek knowledge that will inspire, empower and enrich their lives for the good of the cause!

    Therefore, you’re cordially INVITED to share your story, your challenges, hopes, aspirations and dreams. I will move you to the point of EXCITEment that you are catapulted to your next plateau in life.

    My ultimate goal is to EDUCATE you with the knowledge required to move you towards resolving your challenges in order to reach your desired outcome. Lastly, you will be guided to the realization that all of the POWER to achieve your dreams and walk in your life’s PURPOSE is already within you.

    So Let’s Talk!

    Sundays @ 3pm EST

    Radio One

    WOL 1450 AM

    If you have any questions and/or comments contact me at:


    Call me at: (866) 671-4344

    Follow me on…

    Twitter: @TalksWithSheba

    Instagram: DrShebaHolly



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